What I am loving!

Susie Procini




  Remember the good ole days, playing outside with the kids in the neighborhood till it was almost dark.  Or maybe you’re too young to remember back that far.  But I want to tell you what I am loving that reminds of playing outside.

    It’s Hula Hooping!  Yes, you read that right.  Hula Hooping!  Let me tell you how I came about this.  I was at a business retreat in Ft. Lauderdale in September.  Our hotel was right across the street from the beach.  The first morning I went to the beach to walk and meditate and what did I see down the beach?  A couple of women who were hula hooping.  It looked with so much fun being on the beach, watching the waves and looking at the sun come up.  It looked very meditative.

    I connected with the women who were hooping that afternoon and made a date the next morning to meet up with them to take a hoop for a “spin.”  (Sorry, I just had to go there.)  Her hoops were large and were weighted.  I found that the bigger and heavier the hoops were, the easier it is to get it going which means you can do it for longer periods of time.   I was on the beach when I tried it.  My balance was a little wonky, but I got it going.  All you needed to do was get the same motion going as if you were holding a baby and rocking back and forth.  It wasn’t so much as a spiral movement of the hips as much as it is the rocking motion of the body side to side.  

     I was hooked on the hoop.  It was like playing outside with the kids in the neighborhood and I was having a blast.  It was working out without feeling like I was working out.  All you really need it 10 minutes to get a good workout.  And your abs will thank you.  This workout will burn 7 calories a minute.  Doesn’t sound like a lot, but it doesn’t feel like you're working out either.  It’s feels like a massage for you digestive tract and it feels wonderful.

     I try to do it at least 10 minutes a day and I really feel energized when I am finished.  

    So if you want a weighted hoop, let me put in you in touch with the gal who made mine.  Go to www.soulhooping.com.  Heather is the maker of the hoop and she made me a travel hoop that breaks down and will fit into a bag half the size of a yoga mat bag.  

     If you are looking to step up your exercise regime, give it a “whirl.”  
——————————————————————————-                           Are you trying to diet and lose weight with no success.  Let me say that losing weight is not about calories in and calories out.  If you're not seeing any weight loss, what you need is someone to support you and hold you accountable.  I know because I lost 30 pounds 5 years ago and kept it off.  It was not a diet but a lifestyle change.  If you would like to hear more about this, contact me at susie@ageperfection.com or call me at 609-634-2764.  I would love to tell you about my experience!










    I bet you are asking yourself, why that question.  Well this weeks Newsletter will tell you how important it is to have a healthy gut.  Did you know the what goes on in your gut has a huge impact on your overall health and wellness?  Did you know that what goes on in your gut can directly affect your mood?  That poor digestion can actually cause neurological and psychological disorders?

    Your gut’s nickname is “The Second Brain.”  Have you ever wondered why people get butterflies in their stomach before going on stage?  Or why a job interview can cause an attack of intestinal cramps?  It’s because each of us literally has two brains.  The familiar one that is covered by our skull and a lesser-known but very important one is found in the gut. The two brains are interconnected; when one guest upset, the other does, too.

    Hippocrates - the ancient Greek father of medicine - once said, “all disease begins in the gut.”  The human digestive tract contains over one million nerve cells, about the same number found in the spinal cord.  There are actually more nerve cells in the overall digestive system than in the peripheral nervous system.

    Your gut is made up of about 70 percent of all the cells that make up your immune system.  Those cells are found in the lining of your digestive tract.  Your GI tract is one way that your body gets rid of toxins.  Your digestion actually plays a key role in your natural immunity to diseases.  This is because your gut isn’t sterile.  It is actually an entire ecosystem of bacteria and yeast - some which are beneficial to you, and others which are toxic.

    The best way for keeping both your immune system and your digestive system operating at their optimum level is to eat clean.  That means you should be eating foods that are low in processed sugar and high in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

     By eating these foods, they help to create a healthy microbiome in the gut thereby promoting the growth of healthy bacteria.  Your gut is the place where both healthy and unhealthy bacteria live.  When there is an unhealthy balance between “bad bacteria” and “good bacteria” is when the bad bacteria produces toxins which can weaken your immune response.  It will also interfere with the proper absorption of nutrients into your blood stream.  It is possible to eat a nutrient-rich diet of real foods and still be nutrient deficient because of poor digestive health.

    To keep the right balance of bacteria thriving in your digestive tract, do the following:

  •       AVOID SUGAR AND STARCHES - Bad bacteria thrives on sugar.  It is there food of choice.  You should not eat any refined sugars like table sugar or high fructose corn syrup and you should greatly reduce the amount to starches you eat.  
  •        EAT THE RIGHT BALANCE OF OMEGA-3 TO OMEGA-6 FATS - Too many Omega-6 fatty acids can lead to inflammation and exacerbate digestive problems.  A huge step in this direction can be made if you eliminate seed-based yellow cooking oils (corn oil, soybean oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, etc, from your diet.  These can be replaced with butter from grass-feed cows or coconut oil.  Eat foods rich in Omega-3 fats like wild caught fish.  You will also want meats and dairy from pastured/wild/grass-fed animals.  

    AVOID TRANS FATS - Trans fats hide in all kinds of food, even those labeled “trans fat free”  thanks to our shoddy labeling laws.  Avoid any foods containing partially-hydrogenated oils and foods fried in yellow seed-based vegetable oils.   

    So here it just a little peek into how to keep your gut healthy, which then translates into keeping your body and mind healthy.  If you have health issues, or would just like to stay in a healthy state and need support and guidance around it, please reach out to me.  I have gone through the transformation of losing 30 pounds and being able to stop taking cholesterol medication by just changing what I was eating.  I’ve helped many many clients transform their bodies and their lives.  

     So call me or email me at 609-634-2764 or susie@ageperfection.com and I will set up a 30 minute call to discover what you could like to accomplish with your health.  I'm glad I did and you will be too.




    Getting healthy involves many aspects of your life.  Eating, meditating, moving your body…wait, what?  That’s right, moving your body.  That is all exercise is, right?

    Then why do we make it so hard to move our body?  It is the story we tell ourselves about exercise, like its got to be a certain about of time, the right amount of sweat, the right number of pounds we life?

    I’ve been exercising for most of my life.  I’ve always been active.  It is just what my bodies needs to be strong and flexible.  And because I’ve been doing it for so long, I’ve learned a few things that my might be helpful to you if you can not get yourself into some kind or routine or schedule to move your body.  And right now, can we all just agree to call it “moving your body.” It just sounds better than all the meaning we give to the word “exercise.” 

    Now in this day and age we know the benefits to moving our bodies.  Strong bones, strong muscles, not to mention how much it helps us reduce stress and manage the energy in our bodies.  Here is a list of more benefits:

  • Improves mood
  • Increases longevity
  • Improves sleep
  • Helps control your weight
  • Get better lab results  

    Pretty significant results to moving your body, right?  So now let’s talk about motivation.  It’s not lack of motivation that is keeping you from moving your body, but it’s the resistance that keeps you from doing it.  What is the story you are telling yourself about putting on your sneakers and getting out there.  And to be perfectly honest, you don’t really have to get out there.  You can stay in the privacy of your own home.  Really ask yourself, and go deep, about what it is that is keeping you stuck.  

    It is time?  How about 10 minutes a few times a day.  Do you have a dog.  I know my dog, Jackie, loves to get on the leash and go for a walk, even if it is only for 10 minutes.  

    Is it money?  All you need to do is invest in a good pair of shoes and put on some comfortable clothing.  

    Don’t know how to get started?  Try just walking. Being out in nature is the best way to get going.  This time of the year where I live is just the perfect time to get moving and enjoy the fall foliage.  There are also free apps on your phone that can get you going.  Lolo 7 Minutes can give you a workout in 7 minutes and it is a good workout.  Please don’t tell me you don't have 7 minutes.

    Is it because you are too tired?  Once you get moving, your energy level will increase and you won't have those moments during the day or at the end of the day.  

    I have found through my experience that when you find something you love to do, you will keep doing it.  I have found two things that get my body moving and I am really devoted to doing on a regular basis.  Pure Barre is one workout that I can’t live without.  It keeps me toned, strong and flexible.  And because I love it so much I go between 5 to 7 times a week.   I also play tennis two times a week.

     So let’s get rid of any excuses that you are telling yourself that keeps you from moving your body and getting in shape.    

     If you need more support and accountability, that’s is what Health Coaching is all about.  I would love to schedule a phone call with you to hear what is not working in your life around your health.  I have 5 appointments open this week, so give me a call or shoot me an email so you don’t miss out.  Now is the time.  What are your waiting for?  Email me at susie@ageperfection.com or call me at 609-634-2764 to get you on the way to being the healthiest you can be.  Your body will love you for it and the transformation will be amazing.    

Things I am Loving!

Susie Procini


I love all things healthy and uplifting.  In this blog I will give you three things that I am really Loving!!

1.  GreenBlender.com - This fabulous company will deliver delicious and healthy smoothie recipes and ingredients that are super fresh along with the recipes to make five different smoothies. I can make two smoothies per recipe.  Such a great way to ensure you are getting great nutritional drinks.  And what better way to get more fruits and veggies into your diet but to drink them.  They deliver once a week but you can customize the deliveries to meet your needs.

2.  Organic dates - I love dates for a snack or just about anytime.  You can dip them in almond butter, peanut butter, what ever you desire.  I get mine from Amazon.com.  They are so yummy and with just the right amount of healthy sweetness.

3.  Buddhify - This friendly app is just what I need to decompress.  This award winning app has 80 different meditations with different lengths of time.  If you are waking, trying to get to sleep, working, whatever, this app has the way for you to come back into your body and get out of your mind. I highly recommend this app for anyone just starting out with meditation.  Get it at the google app store  or iTunes.  It's free!

Looking to get healthier?  Need accountability and support?  Please call me for a complimentary Clarity Call.  It's just a conversation regarding your concerns and goal.  Call me at 609-634-2764 or email me at susie@ageperfection.com.

Water, water, everywhere!

Hey there, Susie Procini here from Age Perfection.com.  As you know I am a Holistic Health Coach who helps men and women become the healthiest version of themselves they can be.  I would love to share my healthy tips and information with you!

I have been spending a lot of time at the beach this summer and the East Coast has been experiencing a heat wave like no other.  In other words it has been hotter than H-E-double hockey sticks!  The sand is hot, the water is warm and the sun is super hot.  

So as  summer continues to heat up, I want to tell you how important it is to stay hydrated.   Our bodies are made up of 75 percent water and if we do no keep the right amount of water in our systems on the hottest of days it can have severe implications.


1.  Weakness

2. Dizziness

3. Fainting

4. Inability to sweat


1. Drink plenty of water starting as soon as you wake up in the morning.  

2. It's best to have your water at room temperature, as colder water will initially cool you off and then quickly getting you back to feeling the heat.

3. Eat foods that have a high content of water in them:  watermelon, cucumber, tomato, grapes,  berries, pineapple.

4. Use coconut water instead to sports energy drinks. Sport drinks have an extremely high sugar content.  Coconut water gives you the electrolytes you need without all the sugar.

Here's a tip regarding how much water to drink.  If you are not urinating often, then be sure to increase the amount of water you are drinking.

I hope this helps you get through these hot days.  Stay cool my fiends!

If you would like a complimentary Clarity session with me to see how you can improve your health, please email me at Susie@ageperfection.com or call me at 609-634-2764.  I would love to connect with you!